Esempio di flessibilità nella fornitura SAIT

La necessità di trasporto marittimo di una centrale termica per la produzione di vapore in container navale da ricertificare RINA e i vincoli nella scelta dei produttori degli elementi a corredo hanno determinato una personalizzazione spinta


Commissioned by Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC). BPMC is located in Tripoli, Libya and is part of the Petroleum & Petroleum Products Wholesalers Industry. BREGA PETROLEUM MARKETING COMPANY has 5,000 employees at this location and generates $2.01 billion in sales (USD). There are 840 companies in the BREGA PETROLEUM MARKETING COMPANY corporate family.


Qty. 1 Horizontally mounted RS 350 boiler comprising:

Hinged front door

Safety, regulation and control instrumentation

Electrical control and monitoring cabinet with SIEMENS devices

Water supply unit comprising:

qty.1 SPECK P21/23 pump

Inverter to control the pump speed

Qty. 1 Electronic flow switche with flow sensor and remote electronic

Qty. 1 Pressure transmitter

Qty. 1 CEA 70-3V anticavitation pump

Qty. 1 RIELLO RL 50MZ burner with thrust unit

Power station equipment

Power station design

Qty. 1 contianer regenerated from 20 feet (used for a single journey)

Door and aeration windows

Metallic pavement

Lighting and visual and external audible alarms

Electrical distribution cabinet IP55with SIEMENS devices

Electrical wiring and plumbing connections

Flanged steam outlet pipe DN 150

Flue pipe AISI 304 with inspection and anti weathering hat 1500 mm (outside)

Insulatic steam pipe lines

Water tank galvanized 1000 lt

Softner Nobel

Re-certification RINA container

Thermal power          349 kW 300,000 kcal/h

Steam Production     500 kg/h with feed-water at 60.7 °C

Operating pressure  5 bar

Thermal Efficiency    90 % (93% with SAIT Integrated Economiser)

Regulation                  two stages: 50% - 100%

Fuel                              diesel               33.00 kg/h with PCI 10.200 kcal/kg

Electrical voltage       400 V/50 Hz

Installed electrical power, boiler                         1.1 kW

Installed electrical power: diesel burner           1.1 kW                                                

Construction Specifications:  PED 97/23/CE CE UNI

Federico Carmignani Sales and Marketing Manager

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