Gruppi spinta e preriscaldo nafta SAIT. SAIT HEAVY FUEL PRE-HEATER

Gruppi spinta e preriscaldo nafta SAIT. SAIT HEAVY FUEL PRE-HEATER

Si conferma il trend di crescita dell'export SAIT che raggiunge nel 2017 il 50% della produzione anche grazie ai gruppi spinta e preriscaldo combustibile.


Electric heavy fuel pre-heater pumping & heating unit.
Duty: To raise the temperature of 954 litres per hour of Heavy fuel oil from
10 deg C to 110 deg C (Electrically heated)
- Cast iron flanged basket filter
- Oil circulation pump capable of delivering 954 Ltr/hr of heated heavy oil at 3.5
bar driven by 5.5Kw motor.
- Pressure relief valve mounted on pump discharge & returned to pump suction.
- Set of gate isolation valves fitted to pump suction & discharge.
- 2 Direct mounted oil pressure indicators complete with isolation cocks.
- Electric heater lagged & clad complete with pressure relief valve, temperature
control,excess temperature thermostats, & supports (kw to be advised)
- 2 Direct mounted oil temperature indicators with pockets.
- Local control panel mounted & wired complete with panel isolater, motor starter,
overload & fuses, connector blocks, status lamps & fascia switches to suit.
- All the above equipment mounted on a single oil tight mild steel drip tray base
complete with interconnection pipe work, finish painted & tested.
NB the fuel must reach the pre-heater either by gravity or by pump having pressure of
Between 0.3 & 3 bar.

Federico Carmignani  Sales and Marketing Manager

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